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About Us

About Us

SE Health is a national social enterprise providing home care, health solutions and education to people where they are and when they need it. SE Global leverages SE’s 9000 Leaders of Impact and 110 years of experience as a service delivery organization to build our clients’ capacity to solve key challenges in planning and delivering health care.

Our solutions are based on internationally recognized best practices. Our approach is highly collaborative using design thinking methodologies to customize solutions to your needs and local context while pulling on our experiences to support successful implementation. Our aim is to improve patient experience, grow a quality talent pool, optimize operations and grow your business.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Designing solutions
  • Building human capital
  • Optimizing operations

As your partner, we form a team of customized experts from providing strategic recommendations through to flawless execution with our established infrastructure and capabilities. SE boasts a diversified portfolio of solutions including programs, technologies, operational support, and strong industry partnerships.

We strive to make impact in the following four areas – all of which contribute towards a broader social impact.

  • Patient experience and outcomes; Improve satisfaction and quality of care
  • Talent pool; Attract, retain, and grow high quality talent
  • Optimization; Productivity, expand cost-effective interventions and attain accreditation
  • Business growth; Grow referrals, new services, increase demand, and expand revenue

Who we can help

two women at a desk with a laptop and paper

SE Global works with organizations globally across the full continuum of care whose mission is to deliver health care services, build human capital and enhance social systems. We align with clients that share our vision to change lives, health care and society for the better.

Examples of the type of work with our clients:

  • Establish financially viable high-quality and leading edge home care enterprise through a knowledge transfer and capacity building partnership;
  • Design and implement innovative models of care to improve efficiency, quality of care and patient outcomes;
  • Develop and implement vocational programs and offer continuing education to health care providers and managers; and
  • Assess impact of client’s strategic initiatives

Globally, health systems are facing unprecedented change and opportunity; shifting demographics, increasing prevalence and cost of chronic diseases, unsustainability of rising health care costs, high demand for qualified health human resources and many more. How can we work together to prepare for the future?